Samoa Swimwear

Hola!!!  Post by post you will know a little bit more about me. Today I want to introduce you to my fashion brand. Made with mother and daughter love, Samoa Swimwear is one of my biggest fashion projects.

samoa 01

A year ago me and my mom decided to create our own business, and there is nothing better than working on something you are good at and have the passion for.  My mom has always been so talented with crochet. Nothing is impossible for her and my degree in fashion is the perfect addition. Together we are the ultimate combo!!!

We both worked hard for 3 or more months creating and knitting all of the pieces. I still remember those days sitting next to my mom, in the living room or in her room. Talking and knitting – knitting and talking. It was always so much fun.

It was so hard and so time consuming, that once we saw our results, I think some tears came out.

samoa 03

What makes Samoa Swimwear unique is not only all of the love we put in every piece, it’s also all of the hard, handmade crochet work that every bikini, cover up and top has. It’s the exclusive amount of pieces that we make, because who likes to go to a pool party wearing the same bikini another girl has on??? Not me!!!


If you are looking for a beautiful, unique and sexy piece for the summer contact us. / @samoa.swimwear /

samoa 05

Let’s keep in touch.


AleHarnish / Follow me @AleHarnish


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