Better Together

Is not easy to find your oder half, but once you find it…

image1(wearing Daniel Wellington – watch /  Tiffany – bracelet)

The days have a different flavor, the nights are less cold. Watching TV is more fun, crying is more sentimental, but the best of all are the warm morning glances, the deeper silences and the spontaneous touches.

Life is better together…

me and u

Since the day I meet my  papasito husband my life chance 100%, for the best. We´ve had amazing dates and we still have them. Yes, I know we are still newly weds, but we are not that new as a couple.  I can’t imagine my days without him.

I can´t tell you how to have “the perfect” relationship or how to make yours better , but what I can do is share our personal experiences with you to give you an example of how we make our relationship grow every day.

Let’s keep in touch…


Aleharnish / Follow me IG @Aleharnish





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