Birthday girl 

Every day is a Brithday, but mine was on the 8th and I couldn’t have had a better day.

My day stared with all the lovely messages from family and friends, and off course the love of my husband. Who took me out for breakfast at Jon&Vinny’s, it was super delicioso (delicious). If you live in LA or you are planning to visit LA, it’s a “must try”. Cons about the restaurant- they don’t let you change anything, so if you are a picky eater as I am maybe you will go with a simple yet super yummy option, the granola!

 In the afternoon my friends surprised me with a birthday cake, I hope my wish will come true.

The best of my day was my surprise gift from my husband. A little something, with a lot of meaning and love. One of those presents that make your heart stop. Yes! Guys, we love shoes but we appreciate more the gifts that you actually put work into.

My Esposito custom- made a bracelet… Bead Boutique on 3rd street Los Angeles, CA. This is how it works:

You walk in and say “I would like to make my owne bracelet!”  Then, they show you the assorted metal chains, engraved charms, stones and trinkets you can add to your design.  You choose how you want it set and placed on the chain, it’s length, sizes etc…. And boom, you have a custom bracelet. – Dustin Harnish.

But the best of the best was having my  Mami for 15 days with me in California. We had so much fun together.

Let’s keep in touch


AleHarnish / IG: @aleharnish

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