Happy hour on 3rd street (2) 

Toca Madera, is one of the most popular bar/restaurants on 3rd street, Los Angeles. Their food in my opinion has a tapas-Spanish style but of course with all the flavor and spiceness of Mexican food.

Their Happy Hour is daily from 5pm-7pm. If you want to have your own table I  recommend you make a reservation, other wise get there early and grab a place at the bar, as we did.  The bar was actually  really worth it, we met a great new friend!

Speaking about drinks…

Dustin had a Martini for $8 and I had the La Bonita, (basically a strawberry margarita) my drink was pretty good not too strong, not too sweet, just perfect and it was $8.

We ordered food from the regular menu El Queso de la Vida $12 one of my favorites on the menu, a little bit spicy for my taste but hey, I’m not good with spicy food. Aside from that it was great!

From the Happy Hour menu, Dustin had the Cochinita Pibil $8 and I had the Grilled Cilantro Chiken $8. My tacos normally come with avocado, onions and spicy serrano. The nice thing about the restaurant is that they let you take out what ever you don’t like, perfect for  picky eaters like me 😉

Decoration is incredible! The music was sub-par and the drinks were excellent at this restaurant.

The food in my opinion is okay, during regular hours it’s a little too pricey for the amount of tacos that you get (2). But durning Happy Hour it’s great!  You appreciate the concept of “Mexican Tapas” more during happy hour.
Dustin’s two sense:

I like Toca because of its atmosphere during happy hour.  The food in my opinion is mediocre.  The drinks are excellent and the service is decent however; the scene there can get a little “dooshy” when happy hour is over.  You can’t get in there during the evening unless you have a reservation.  If you like tequila in a more upscale atmosphere,  this is your place.

Let’s keep in touch,



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