Words of my Esposito (2)

In many ways I can speak of my love. In a thousand ways I can be silenced. For all eternity I can be thankful. To many I can forgive, To many I can forget. TO many this may hurt.

To you, I am thankful, for you I can live. With you, I will share, With you I can live. For you is my heart, for you I restart.

Your eyes give me truth, your heart makes me whole. In you, I’ve found home, In you I’m not alone. With you I can see. The best parts about me. I’m sure within time, You’ll still remain mine.

Our love will beat time. A rock will never move, My hearts sits there for you, As it all passes by. The flowers that may die, The clouds will move, The mountains will shift, the oceans will rise, Our love with sit, Against all odds. Within the tide, began the ride.

Along the tracks, Against our backs, The inevitable will subside. For I am yours, and you are mine. And all the rest remains benign.

Inside my heart remains your face. Inside my chest, A warm safe place.

The picture of a tale told, A love so strong, Unbroken mold. I lay may head across your chest, I’ve done my best, Yet when with you. My pain is gone, You give each word that makes this song.

I love you more than words can say. I can finally give my heart away.


Let’s keep in touch,



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