A treasure map for lovers: The Broad Museum.

On this new section of the blog, “A treasure map for lovers” We will recommend the best plans and things to do around Los Angeles as a couple.

 Jeff Koons – Balloon Dog (Blue), 1994-2000. 

One of the questions that I get the most is -“How do you like living in Los Angeles?”

-I really enjoy living in La La-Land, I don’t love it but I like it a lot!!!  If you live in LA you will get why I don’t love it 😉

I like all the great opportunities to have fun and open your creativity more and more every day!

           Glenn Ligon Double America 2, 2014

Dating my husband in LA is one of the best things ever!!  We have so much fun together, because you know, #bettertogether.

 I was wearing a G-Star Raw denim dress, Nine West shoes and BOB (Best of Barcelona) handbag. Dustin was wearing Lucky Brand shirt, Zara pants.

One of our amazing dates was at the new and fantastic museum THE BROAD. (Free tickets will be able again on May 1st at noon)

The art collection is stunning. I never imagined that I would see the original Marilyn Monroe painting by Andy Warhol.

 Andy Warhol- Two Marilyns, 1962.

But the best exhibit in my opinion, and maybe it’s just because it’s all about my personal favorite artist, was the Roy Lichtenstein room.

 Roy Lichtenstein-I…I’m sorry! 1965-66 

 Roy Lichtenstein-Non-Objective I, 1964

 Roy Lichtenstein-Mirror #1 , 1969

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

By far The Broad is one of the best contemporary art museums I have ever seen and visited.  We are planning to go again and check out the new collection of art that the museum is showing in June.

 Jeff Koons – Tulips, 1995-2004.


Takashi Murakami was probably my favorite artist exhibit in this fascinating museum. The way he captivated death and beauty in his art was magnificent and timeless.

 Takashi Murakami-Dob in the strange forest (Blue Dob), 1999.
The Broad is one of the most exciting and innovative contemporary art museums I have ever witnessed. Being an artist and a lover of the arts, when I heard it was open to the public and FREE for all to view, my heart was swollen, not to mention spending that time with my exquisite wife made it even more enjoyable.
 Takashi Murakami-End of Line, 2011.
The architecture of the facility is simply brilliant! If you don’t enjoy a good painting at least you’ll enjoy the fine craftsmanship and splendor of this modern marvel. It’s hallways look as if you were passing through the tunnels of dreams, the natural light provided by it’s porous walls make the building feel as though it’s been enchanted. It was truly a rich environment that everyone MUST SEE. This place will remind you of how truly powerful the human imagination can be. – @DustinHarnish

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