Fashion LOVE, high HEELS

Between the heights, colors, textures and cuts, the seductive magic of the stiletto is revealed.   A provocative, exquisite and totally stunning accessory… (Sandal from Schutz)  The shoe is the most important piece of my wardrobe and my biggest addiction.  Which is why, I spend most of my shopping time finding the perfect pair, and when I say “finding”, I’m literally SEARCHING at my #1 … Continue reading Fashion LOVE, high HEELS

It couple: Victoria & David Beckham

There is nothing more elegant and sexy than to see a hot couple looking perfect all the time.  It shows the love they have for themselves and for each other.     Victoria and David Beckham are one of those couples who’s love for each other makes me “suspirar” (sigh).  Victoria Beckham had kbeen a fashion icon since the Spice Girls (fan forever).  Her style is elegant … Continue reading It couple: Victoria & David Beckham

A treasure map for Lovers: Rooftop Movie

“Love is about enjoying yourself everyday as it comes”. Yes, life is to short, yes you’ve got to take one day at a time but why not plan a super date with your significant other in the mean time.   I personally like to surprise mi esposo with unique dates, like a Rooftop Movie…  I know, sounds super cool and it’s  actually an incredible experience! If … Continue reading A treasure map for Lovers: Rooftop Movie