Happy Hour on 3rd Street (3): Mercado

Last but not bad, Mercado!! This restaurant has the best Happy Hour And food menu out of all of the restaurants on 3rd street.

Good drinks, great food and great costumers service as well as awesome latin music!!!

What else do you need to have a great time??

We started the night with La Flaca (a light margarita) $8, 100% Agave Margarita $7 and ChoriQueso melted cotija, Parmesan and Oaxaca cheese house chorizo, poblanos, mushrooms and fresh chips $7. ChoriQueso is one of my favorite appetizers at Mercado, for sure a must-try.

 As a second plate, we ordered Tacos de Carnitas $9 and the Dos Gringas (al pastor) $9.
What I really liked about my Tacos de Carnitas was the sweet and salty taste of the pork, it melts in your mouth. Mmm…Yummy!!! (the tacos de carnitas comes with sweet onion and guacamole)

Dustin says– These are my favorite tacos (Dos Gringas) at the restaurant because I am a big fan of Al Pastor.  Unlike most Al Pastor street tacos, the manager told me these tacos and their recipe originate from Mexico City. They’re made with a small “street taco-size” flour tortilla, melted cotija cheese, Pastor meat and savory chipotle sauce on top.  It’s garnished with chopped onion and cilantro and I must say, they’re truly delicious especially with a squeeze of lime!!!  If you’re not in East LA where the best Mexican food lives, then visit Mercado for the next best thing.

Hibiscus margarita $8
We ended our fantastic experience at Mercado with a nice picture.

 This wall is located in the back of the restaurant. It is so cool, I think that it should totally become a cliché picture location in Los Angeles.

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