A treasure map for Lovers: Rooftop Movie

“Love is about enjoying yourself everyday as it comes”.

Yes, life is to short, yes you’ve got to take one day at a time but why not plan a super date with your significant other in the mean time.


I personally like to surprise mi esposo with unique dates, like a Rooftop Movie…  I know, sounds super cool and it’s  actually an incredible experience! If you live in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or London it is a must do. (BTW you better buy tickets ASAP, only a few movies left in LA)

I personally can talk about my experience in Los Angeles city. The movie night takes place at Ricardo Montalbán Theater which is located on Hollywood (1615 vine street), Tickets are $19 (get your tickets online) and parking is next door for $10. Take some cash or your credit card  with you, because they have all you need…Wine, food, candies and a movie are always a great combo.

 Every day is a different movie. A mix between old-classic and new movies like the one we went to see The Room, it was a great movie! What is incredibly  amazing about the experience was the atmosphere. It was a completely different way to watch a movie and get disconnected.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter which movie you pick, you will have a great time.

I recommend you to get there a little bit early so you can enjoy together a glass of wine and some food, because once the movie starts, the headphones won’t let you hear any comment from your date. Oh, and don’t even worry about the weather if you get cold they have blankets for you…



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