Fashion LOVE, high HEELS

Between the heights, colors, textures and cuts, the seductive magic of the stiletto is revealed.   A provocative, exquisite and totally stunning accessory…

(Sandal from Schutz) 

The shoe is the most important piece of my wardrobe and my biggest addiction. 
Which is why, I spend most of my shopping time finding the perfect pair, and when I say “finding”, I’m literally SEARCHING at my #1 shoe shopping place, Sacks off 5th. 

Why pay full price for shoes when you have great designs and prices at Sacks off 5th??? 

  (Sandal from Steve Madden)  

My tips:

  • Always look for a pair that your closet needs.
  • Build on trends but stay true to your style.
  • Keep in mind the season.  You may find a great pair of boots on clearance but do you really need them for summer???
  • Don’t try a shoe your pocket can’t afford.
  • Always try both and walk them. We all know heels aren’t made for comfort!

What is your your favorite shoe shopping place???  



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