Planning the BIG day: Wedding day!

Today I want to share with all of you a really special post… A lovely post!!!

I still remember my special brunch at Taste restaurant…

Dustin proposed, on October 7th, 2015.  Since that day my life change… From Colombia to United States.

Now I’m living my own American Dream of Love, because all you need is love.

Wake up every morning by his side, been  silly with him and laugh louder together is the true story of an American Dream.

Our wedding will be this year on October 15th in Colombia, my beautiful country!!!

As you all can imagen, I been working hard on my wedding.  Trying not to transform into bridezilla (Hahaha). I now won’t happen, because I have a great support from parents and an amazing wedding planner Carolina Chaux. 

One of the best experience was dress shopping…  After a glass of champagne and 7 dresses. I said yes!! To the dress #1 (can’t wait to show you).

I will never forget my mothers face, when she saw me coming out of the fitting room with the winner dress!! Her expression made my day.  Thanks to Nelson Ramirez and Le Mariage Coutore (11900 w Olympic Blvd #100, Los Angeles 90064) I found my dress.

Our next step was picking the wedding invitation and couldn’t find a better place than Paper Source.

They been really helpful.  Specially on Friday, when I went to pick the invitations up and find out that they got print with a grammar mistake!!!

Yes, I was about to be bridezilla or maybe I was for couple hours. But, hey! I just want  my day to be perfect!!! (In case you are wondering we are having re-print the invitations. ;))

If you follow me on Instagram @aleharnish I promise you than you will see the final results of the invitations.

Here I am looking for some ideas, inspiration and anything that would help me to have the perfect day, any suggestions??? Please let me a comment.

I know!!! I been shopping cliché glasses, mugs and more, ups!!!



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