Jeans Day: Denim on Denim 

This new post series “Jeans Day” is in honor of my shool days.  I’m pretty sure all my Colombian readers already know what I’m taking about, but for those who don’t…  When I was in school every other week, we had a day called Jeans Day.   The idea of this day was simple, wear casual clothes instead of school uniform.  

Why do I label my outfit-post this way? Well, because I can’t wait to have my days off from work and my work uniform: flat shoes, jeans and t-shirts.  When my weekend comes…  I go insde my closet and start playing around, just like a little girl.  

Each outfit post will come with a Los Angeles recommendation date plan.  

If you live in the city you probably already heard about  E.P & L.P restaurant.  If you are planning to visit and want to experiment a nice, fancy LA night I totally recommend you visit E.P & L.P, the food was great and the rooftop bar is beautiful. 

  • I was wearing G-Star jeans and a long shirt denim dress (similar here) Top from Zara

  • No outfit is complete without accessories. Bag from Louis Vuitton, bracelet from Coach (I was wearing as a choker) and sandals from Schutz (similar here)

Let’s keep in touch.



One thought on “Jeans Day: Denim on Denim 

  1. I Love Schutz. I remember having my first pair almost 16 years ago. Im so glad that they are here in US now and u can find online.
    I love denim+denim and I wear all the time. U look beautiful by the way!

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