My LOVE story 

Once upon a time, there was a little Colombian girl who liked to travel, she loved style and always dreamed for the perfect Barbie Ken.

When she grew up, she decided to follow her dreams and move to the magical city of LA LA LAND, where her biggest dream came true.  She found the perfect treasure, the perfect Barbie Ken with most beautiful heart and the most honest blue eyes.

After sharing months together, Ken asked for the little girl’s hand…

And the magical moment happened, she became a princess…

And Ken became El Principe Azul…

On there biggest day they had many unique moments. He sang for her “I got you under my skin” by Frank Sinatra.

They danced as they never did before and they spent the most beautiful time with family and friends…

But the best of all is that now the little girl knows the real meaning of LOVE.

Love is that inocente kiss that gives you mariposas. (Butterflies)


Love is looking forward together for our future and more incredible moments.



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