Fashion Style: Ladylike

                               “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe 

When I was in fashion school I learned that the most important thing in the fashion business is to stay true to yourself, to your style. Discovering your style will take time, a lot of trying, a lot of bad outfits and you will likely be breaking the fashion rules.  Always remember that fashion is made to have fun and to dress FOR YOU!  Try as many fashion styles as you can; bohemian, classic, sporty, edgy, the tomboy, romantic, the ladylike or the seductive styles. Try them all, mix them but always make sure your personality shows through your look. 

And now I bring you Fashion Style by Aleharnish where we will talk about the various fashion styles out there, the new trends coming and how to wear them. 

Let’s start with my favorite style The Ladylike. This style started with the amazing fashion designer Christian Dior in 1947 with his famous Bar suit


The Bar suit  followed the curves of the women in a sexy but very elegant way at that time, it was The New Look.  Based on Dior’s New Look we can say that the essence of the Ladylike style is the power of feminine seduction through elegance and the sensuality of our curves.

How to wear the Ladylike style: Retro and sophistication are the key words for the perfect look. Don’t forget a sexy classic pump or a modern sandal. Vintage looking accessories will give a chic touch to your outfit, mix silhouettes and cuts, but always keep in mind to follow your curves in an elegant way.  

Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Altuzarra, Bottega Veneta and Hermes are some of the fashion designers who showed us on the runway for spring-summer 2017, the Ladylike style mixed  with the mayor trends, like the bra top trend, stripes, rufflemania or garden party trends

Dior, Altuzarra, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada. Photos from Vogue Runway app. 
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