My inspiration woman of 2016: Nina Garcia  

Here I am sitting on my sofa for the passed two days with no voice and a doctor’s  note that says “Rest, no talking, drink tea and have soups”.

Today I want to share with you guys the book I’m reading and why you guys should read it too.  Fashion books for me are like shoes, the more the better.

The name of the book that I’m reading now is The Little Black Book Of Style by Nina Garcia.

Let’s talk first about the woman who has been inspiring me for years.  Nina Garcia is from Colombia like me and she started in the fashion industry in the early 1980’s as a PR at Perry Ellis – then worked at Marc Jacobs and ELLE Magazine.

Since 2008 Nina Garcia is been working as the Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine, and has been working on Project Runway as a Judge since it’s first season on air.

Love her style and how easy she has fun with fashion.

Nina Garcia  knows how to mix it up, how to impact with a dress or a pair of shoes.  Her balance is perfectly chic, modern, elegant and trendy because we all know that she doesn’t follow the trends- she creates them.

The Little Black Book Of Style is a book full of tips, a book that will motivate you and the best of all- it will teach you how to stay true to your story and your style.

Here is a little fragment of the book, one of my favorite parts:
“A true style icon breaks the rules and ignores the trends, but she has these ten basic down pat:

1. How to edit: She only buys what she likes and what looks good on her.

2. To invest in “The Bones”: (the classic trench, the little black dress…)and builds from there.

3. To buy with drama: She goes for that over-the-top, decadent item. If she falls in love, she takes it home.

4. The utmost importance of shoes: Lots of shoes.

5. And the power of accessories: Done just the right way

6. A good tailor.

7. How no to be the fashion victim: She never buys into the trends and she carries the “it” bag.

8. It is no about the money: She wears her flea market Mexican earrings the same way she would wear her diamonds.

9. How to mis it up

10. How to me imperfect: She understands that every day is not a photo shoot.”

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