Happy hour at Cecconi’s  

The best Happy Hour! Cecconi’s is one of the most fancy places in Los Angeles and is known as one of the best Italian restaurants in town. It’s normally a little pricey but their happy hour is great and very affordable! Happy Hour. Cecconi’s Happy Hour menu “4 to 7” has an amazing choice of delicious Italian food and tasty drinks,  for $4 and  $7. Our … Continue reading Happy hour at Cecconi’s  

Fall 2017 is all about shearling coats 

These jackets were undoubtedly the protagonists at New York Fashion Week, especially Shearling coats.  Designers like Proenza Shouler, Coach, Marc Jacobs, Zac Zac Posen and Tory Burch proposed for fall 2017 shearling  coats, vest and motorcycle jackets.  With an oversize silhouette the outwear will bring to your closet the 40’s American pilot jacket with a fusion of the 80’s suede style. Let’s keep in touch,  … Continue reading Fall 2017 is all about shearling coats 

The new working woman 

One of my favorite trends of New York Fashion Week is what I call “The New Working Woman”.  In the 80’s, the woman dressed in a suit with large shoulder pads. Remember the power of the suit.  The New Working Woman trend for fall 2017 brings us an imposing, sensual and especially feminine woman.   Oscar de la Renta, Theory, Ralph Lauren, Tory Bruch, Michael … Continue reading The new working woman 

NYFW: Street Style

  “The power of fashion starts on the street.”  We live in a free society with a diversity of cultures and styles, a mix of beautiful personalities who express themselves through outfits.  Outfits that inspire those who watch closely and look at the small details that enrich their own style. New York Fashion Week not only left us the knowledge of the new Fall 2017 … Continue reading NYFW: Street Style

It cople: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

 Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are one of the cutest young Hollywood couples. A lovely and stylistic inspiration for all of their fans. Its no secret that the model Gigi Hadid has a fashion stylist behind every chic, urban, and sensual outfit.  Her style, her natural beauty and her talent are taking Gigi to the next step of her career from model to a super … Continue reading It cople: Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik

Saint Valentine’s Day special: Beauty Love

Hola beautiful readers! February is here and as you all know I been working on different Saint Valentine’s Day special. Today’s special is all about skincare and tips for healthier hair. Our skin absorbs 80% of any product that we use; this is one of many others important reason to take a really good care of our skin.  If you been following my blog you will notice … Continue reading Saint Valentine’s Day special: Beauty Love