Happy hour at Cecconi’s  

The best Happy Hour!
Cecconi’s is one of the most fancy places in Los Angeles and is known as one of the best Italian restaurants in town. It’s normally a little pricey but their happy hour is great and very affordable! Happy Hour.

Cecconi’s Happy Hour menu “4 to 7” has an amazing choice of delicious Italian food and tasty drinks,  for $4 and  $7.

Our favorites, the baked gnocchi romana Gorgonzola and the meatballs, too tasty to describe with words.  My advice, dress nice, take your lovey on a date night and try their most popular drink, the Aperol Spritz and order different plates from the menu, just make sure the gnocchi romana is part of your order.

The atmosphere of Cecconi’s is romantic, classic and elegant with a beautiful vintage touch of  je ne sais quoi.

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