The Power of Accessories

With a glass of wine in my hand and the sound of the TV as a background, I keep looking at the screen of my iPad asking myself, what I should write about on the blog???

I wanted to do a spring shopping list at the begging  or maybe talk about the spring trends, but instead I’m going to talk about accessories.  Accessories are back, and 2017 is the year to show “The Power of Accessories”. 

The most stronger trends for spring are focused on accessories. The corset belt, the maxi earrings, the backpacks, the mini handbags, the statement socks, the mule, the seductive choker, the arm bracelet, the denim accessories and the furry details. 

I created a series of pictures showing you how my outfit gets more powerfully with extra little details.  I was wearing a simple black and gold graphic t-shirt from Karl Lagerfeld  ($24.99 at sacks off 5th) and my every day jewelry pieces

I didn’t want my outfit to be to plain, neither a relaxing Sunday outfit, t-shirt and jeans… I add a bow tie chocker!!  A maxi satin c bow tie chocker, giving to my look the a seductive but romantic touch. 

From a basic outfit to a girl boss look, but every boss lady needs a bag. 

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I opted to go with a clutch, because I didn’t wanted to look like I was going to work.  A regular size bag will totally give the look work lady.   A  backpack was a simple “NO” to casual to mix with the other accessories. 

The clutch adds a stronger look to my outfit but at the same time gives the color I’m missing. 

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Accessories

  1. I have to agree, accessories can be very powerful and in my opinion can make your outfit. Sometimes I’m in a rush (most of the time) and running out the door, but when I throw on some sort of accessory I feel much better. I think accessories are the lipstick/mascara of the fashion world. Even though you may think they’re not a big deal, they can often make a world of difference.

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