3 tips to help you grow your Instagram

  We all know that Instagram is a powerful social media and through it a lot of bloggers get the opportunity to collaborate with fashion and beauty brands. I have to confess… This is my 3rd blog and @ale.harnish my second Instagram. I started @ale.harnish doing the same mistake I did on my first IG and I noticed that my IG wasn’t working. Let’s face … Continue reading 3 tips to help you grow your Instagram

5 Exercises for TONED Arms

Hola my beautiful readers.  Today I have a really special post for you! I joined forces with my friend and trainer HT PHYSIQUE (click) to create an amazing FITNESS post. Hola mis hermosos (a) lectores, hoy les traigo un post muy especial. He unido fuerzas con mi amiga y entrenadora HT PHYSIQUE para crear este increíble fitness post.  Shoulder Press: This move helps to create that … Continue reading 5 Exercises for TONED Arms

Jeans Day: Andy Warhol Exhibition 

One of the best things of living in Los Angeles is the opportunities to see and do things that awaken the artistic senses.  Pop art is my favorite artistic movement and therefore Andy Warhol one of my favorite artist.  When I found out about the exhibition Warhol Revisited at the Revolver Gallery, I didn’t even think twice and went right the way to the website (click) … Continue reading Jeans Day: Andy Warhol Exhibition 

Facing the world with a passion: Fashion

Is the fashion world art? Is interesting? Is empty? Is superfical? These perhaps are questions of those who don’t live every day in this exciting world. Maybe and only maybe, this is why they don’t realize what FASHION really is. Is not only about mixing and combining to create the perfect outfit or designing trendsetting garments and accessories. Fashion goes beyond this as art, it’s … Continue reading Facing the world with a passion: Fashion

Fashion LOVE, high HEELS

Between the heights, colors, textures and cuts, the seductive magic of the stiletto is revealed.   A provocative, exquisite and totally stunning accessory… (Sandal from Schutz)  The shoe is the most important piece of my wardrobe and my biggest addiction.  Which is why, I spend most of my shopping time finding the perfect pair, and when I say “finding”, I’m literally SEARCHING at my #1 … Continue reading Fashion LOVE, high HEELS

It couple: Victoria & David Beckham

There is nothing more elegant and sexy than to see a hot couple looking perfect all the time.  It shows the love they have for themselves and for each other. Victoria and David Beckham are one of those couples who’s love for each other makes me “suspirar” (sigh). Victoria Beckham had kbeen a fashion icon since the Spice Girls (fan forever).  Her style is elegant and … Continue reading It couple: Victoria & David Beckham

A treasure map for Lovers: Rooftop Movie

“Love is about enjoying yourself everyday as it comes”. Yes, life is to short, yes you’ve got to take one day at a time but why not plan a super date with your significant other in the mean time.   I personally like to surprise mi esposo with unique dates, like a Rooftop Movie…  I know, sounds super cool and it’s  actually an incredible experience! If … Continue reading A treasure map for Lovers: Rooftop Movie