Happy Hour on 3rd Street (3): Mercado

Last but not bad, Mercado!! This restaurant has the best Happy Hour And food menu out of all of the restaurants on 3rd street. Good drinks, great food and great costumers service as well as awesome latin music!!! What else do you need to have a great time?? We started the night with La Flaca (a light margarita) $8, 100% Agave Margarita $7 and ChoriQueso … Continue reading Happy Hour on 3rd Street (3): Mercado

A treasure map for lovers: The Broad Museum.

On this new section of the blog, “A treasure map for lovers” We will recommend the best plans and things to do around Los Angeles as a couple.  Jeff Koons – Balloon Dog (Blue), 1994-2000.  One of the questions that I get the most is -“How do you like living in Los Angeles?” -I really enjoy living in La La-Land, I don’t love it but … Continue reading A treasure map for lovers: The Broad Museum.

Cliche photos around Los Angeles 

If you’d  ever wondered where are all the locations of the most famous cliche pictures in Los Angeles are, This series of posts will be perfect for you. Let’s start the tour… I will take you from the “Made In LA” wall, to the Hollywood sign. Tip #1: Make the tour with your significant other, your partner in crime, your love. The picture will be … Continue reading Cliche photos around Los Angeles