This summer protect your skin with DNA Renewal

It is almost summer and that is way today I decided to exclusive talk about sunblocks. Since I was a child my mom inculcate me the use of sunblock as part of my beauty routine and today is one of my priorities. Sunblock should be the most important step of your beauty routine because prevents wrinkles and skin cancer. Before I start naming brands, I … Continue reading This summer protect your skin with DNA Renewal

Summer Accessories: Head-pieces

Lately I been in a SUMMER mood or maybe in a vacation state of mind.  Either or today’s post is about summer HEAD-PIECES accessories.  I love having FUN with accessories, my favorite TOUCHES are mixing and matching PRINTS, colors and TEXTURES. Hats are not only a necessity under the SUN, they are a COMPLEMENT that add to your outfit a FLATTERING touch. We found different … Continue reading Summer Accessories: Head-pieces